G3 | Worship

The worship of God has both a theological foundation that must not be ignored as well as practical implications for every Christian and local church.

Does God mandate how we worship and how do we discern what is acceptable worship to God? In an age where pastors are entering the pulpit on zip lines and where motorcycle stunts are being attempted as illustrations during corporate worship—we must ask ourselves what does God expect and what does he forbid?

In the 2020 G3 Conference, we will look at the subject of the worship of God—seeking to understand the theological foundation and real life implications for us in the context of our local churches. Make your plans to join us by securing your seat!


2020 G3 Spanish Conference: TBA

2020 G3 English Conference: Thursday, January 16th - Saturday, January 18th


Georgia International Convention Center
2000 Convention Center Concourse
College Park, GA 30337

Our Ministry Partners


We will have well over 20 speakers and musicians leading us in the worship of God through the Word and song. Join us in January.

Voddie Baucham
Steven Lawson
David Miller
Josh Buice
Tim Challies
Paul Washer
Anthony Mathenia
James White
Phil Johnson
Todd Friel
Joel Beeke
Derek Thomas
Tom Ascol
Jeremy Vuolo
Stephen Nichols
Devon Kauflin
Costi Hinn
John MacArthur
Virgil Walker
Darrell Harrison
Phil Webb
Allie Beth Stuckey
Rachel Jankovic
Chris Anderson