2014 The Church: From a Biblical Perspective

The church was founded by Jesus Christ and serves the purpose of bringing glory, honor, and praise to God. In our present day landscape of American evangelical

Main Session: 01

The Church Is God’s Will For Your Life

Josh Buice
Main Session: 02

The Radically Normal Life of the Christian

Tim Challies
Main Session: 03

The Worshipping Church

Conrad Mbewe
Main Session: 04

The Church – Chosen and Called by God

Steven Lawson
Main Session: 05

The Founding and Founder of the Church

David Miller
Main Session: 06

The Church’s Call to Biblical Preaching

Steven Lawson
Main Session: 07

Beginning our Ecclesiology with the Self-Revealed Character of God

John Synder
Main Session: 08

Making Disciples vs. Baptizing Goats – The Mission of the Church

Conrad Mbewe
Main Session: 09

The Modern Church’s Sissified Jesus – A Need for Proper Christology in Our Ecclesiology

Voddie Baucham
Main Session: 10

The Excellency of Christ

David Miller
Main Session: 11

Faithful Men Disciple and Send Faithful Men

Voddie Baucham
Q & A: 01

Q&A Panel Discussion

Todd Friel