2015 The Bible is the Word of God

The church of Jesus Christ in every generation is given the weighty charge to proclaim and preserve the Word of Truth. What we believe about the Bible will sha

Main Session: 14

The God-Breathed Word

Steven Lawson
Main Session: 13

The Essential Elements of the Great Commission

Paul Washer
Main Session: 12

The Inerrancy of the Bible

David Miller
Main Session: 11

The War on the Word

Steven Lawson
Main Session: 10

Expository Apologetics – Part II

Voddie Baucham
Main Session: 09

The Place of the Word of God in Saving Faith

Richard Owen Roberts
Main Session: 08

Preach the Word

H.B. Charles Jr.
Main Session: 07

Harmonization Isn’t For Wimps: Allowing Ancient Texts to Speak For Themselves Is Hard Work

James White
Main Session: 06

The Great Commission – The Impossible / Possible Task

Paul Washer
Main Session: 05

Expository Apologetics – Part I

Voddie Baucham
Main Session: 04

The Use of the Words of God in Preaching

Richard Owen Roberts
Main Session: 03

Unashamed of Inerrancy: Jesus’ Plain, Unquestionable Teaching on the Authority of Scripture

James White
Main Session: 02

The Two Books

Tim Challies
Main Session: 01

Unwise Men Proclaiming the Wisdom of God

Josh Buice