2016 The Trinity

God has made Himself known to us in general ways through creation, but He has likewise made Himself known to us in specified ways through His Word. In the Scri

Q & A: 01

Q & A Panel Discussion

Optional Session: 02

The New Apostolic Reformation, Jesus Culture and Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit

Todd Friel
Optional Session: 01

The Trinity and Synergistic Sanctification

Anthony Mathenia
Main Session: 11

The Trinity in Sanctification

Steven Lawson
Main Session: 10

Beholding the Trinity in Worship

Bruce Ware
Main Session: 09

The Defining Christian Confession: The Trinity

James White
Main Session: 08

The Trinity in Salvation

Steven Lawson
Main Session: 07

The Resurrection of Christ was a Trinitarian Event

H.B. Charles Jr.
Main Session: 06

The Trinity and the Qur’an: The Key Apologetic Conflict

James White
Main Session: 05

The Roles Among the Trinity

Bruce Ware
Main Session: 04

The Preacher’s Dependency Upon the Holy Spirit

H.B. Charles Jr.
Main Session: 03

The Everlasting Covenant is a Trinitarian Plan

David Miller
Main Session: 02

The Doctrine of the Trinity

Tim Challies
Main Session: 01

Our Calling to Proclaim a Triune God from a Trinitarian Book

Josh Buice