Pre-Conference | 2020

G3 2020 | Pre-Conference

Charles Spurgeon once said:

O sweet singer of Israel, remember that the song is not for your glory, but for the honour of the Lord, who inhabiteth the praises of Israel; therefore, select not anthems and tunes in which your skilfulness will be manifest, but such as will aid the people to magnify the Lord with their thanksgivings. The people come together not to see you as a songster, but to praise the Lord in the beauty of holiness.

Far too many people look at worship through a cultural lens that’s tainted by entertainment and fleshly pursuits. Sadly, in some cases, members of local churches approach the singing of the congregation as if they’re judges of a singing competition rather than worshippers of a sovereign God who is worthy of our praise.

God has called us to worship him through song and we must sing with proper theology as a foundation and a heart that’s fixed on glorifying God. We sing the gospel for the glory of God.

Join us for a full day of singing, learning, and fellowship at the 2020 G3 pre-conference. Sit under the teaching of men like Bob Kauflin, Keith Getty, and Chris Anderson. Following our supper break, join us for the Getty concert as we gather and sing the gospel of Jesus Christ for the glory of God.

Speakers Include

  • Bob Kauflin
  • Keith Getty
  • Chris Anderson
  • Philip Webb
  • Devon Kauflin

Pre-Conference Schedule

  • Wednesday January 15th 2020
  • Registration Opens: 10am
  • Pre-Conference Begins: 12:30pm
  • Supper Break: 5:00pm
  • Getty Concert: 7:00pm

Pre-Conference Cost

Full Pre-Conference and Evening Getty Concert = $20

Full Schedule

  • 12:30pm — Greeting and Opening Prayer
  • 12:40pm — Singing the Gospel
  • 12:55pm — Teaching Session: Keith Getty – Why and How Should we Sing?
  • 1:30pm — Singing the Gospel
  • 1:45pm — Teaching Session: Bob Kauflin – Why and How Should We Sing the Gospel?
  • 2:20pm — Singing the Gospel
  • 2:25pm — Break
  • 2:55pm — Singing the Gospel
  • 3:05pm — Teaching Session: Bob Kauflin – Pastoring Through Song
  • 3:40pm — Singing the Gospel
  • 3:55pm — Questions & Answers Session
  • 4:50pm — Singing the Gospel
  • 5:00pm — Supper Break
  • 7:00pm — Sing! with Keith and Kristyn Getty

**Getty Concert (involving Keith, Kristyn, and their band)

Pre-Conference Registration